CitiSleeper - How it Started

CitiSleeper - How it Started

CitiSleeper was established in 1998 and has become the leading slide away bed manufacturer in the industry. In the beginning, Tinka Swetland operated a custom closet business and enjoyed travel to third world countries . Upon returning from one of these mission type trips to Haiti she decided to try to make a difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor. The plan was to come up with an idea that she could develop into a commercial success, then forming a foundation to offer this help.

From the very start, CitiSleeper was committed to producing the best quality product while offering the largest selection of finishes and fabric selections. Today, CitiSleeper’s are manufactured in a State of the Art Cabinet Operation in Bradenton, Florida and shipped throughout the USA. Tinka and her husband Fred ‘s history of hard work coupled with years of small space management , a great sense of design and artistic flair have helped CitiSleeper grow into a key component of the still-burgeoning international small space/multi function furniture industry. 

Having won the coveted Pinnacle Award for excellence in furniture design CitiSleeper strives to offer the most innovative products at affordable prices points.

Recently, the publisher of a home improvement magazine that CitiSleeper advertised in has endeavored to copy the CitiSleeper concept. The product is now being offered on the internet to the DIY folks only. CitiSleeper remained un copied for ten years and while imitation is the finest form of flattery we are worried that the copied product is being offered for sale before any field testing. This is never a good course of action. Please beware that only a CitiSleeper is the original Slide Away Bed. If it looks like a CitiSleeper and is advertised as a CitiSleeper with all of the slogans of a CitiSleeper and the fabrics and finishes of a CitiSleeper it is not a CitiSleeper unless you see our patent # on the product itself.

Choose a traditional or a contemporary style cover set from a terrific range of floral, tropical, southwest, and even animal prints! CitiSleeper’s fabric suppliers update their fabric line twice a year, following the latest styles and trends in the industry. 

Although CitiSleeper covers serve a room well aesthetically, function should not be overlooked. The CitiSleeper cover will protect your CitiSleeper mattress from everyday use as well as spills and stains. They can be easily removed and either machine washed or dry-cleaned, depending on the material. 

If you would like to know more, or have questions about your purchase, call us. We're here to help.